American Character

There has never been a better example of great character than the generation of Americans who served during World War II. This is the story of D-Day and the character displayed by those soldiers. On June 6th 1944, "D-Day", America and its Allies began their strategic invasion into German controlled Europe. This large battle on the coast of France formed a foundation for victory over Nazi Germany. The effort by the American soldiers on D-Day helped to preserve freedom in the world. These brave American heroes displayed wisdom, perseverance, courage, and sacrifice. Their example teaches us many life lessons for today. For the young and old reader alike, the following pages honor the American soldiers who demonstrated outstanding character by their heroic actions on D-Day. May they challenge us to be people of character today, and the heroes of tomorrow.

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D-Day: Cover
D-Day: Invasion Map
D-Day: Responsibility
D-Day: Wisdom
D-Day: Hard Work
D-Day: Patience
D-Day: Courage
D-Day: Respect
D-Day: Bravery
D-Day: Perseverance
D-Day: Teamwork
D-Day: P-51
D-Day: Leadership
D-Day: Dedication
D-Day: Sacrifice
D-Day: Freedom