Q: What is a hidden talent that you are least proud of?
A: I can eat an entire can of Pringles in one sitting.

Q: Do you have any bad habits?
A: Too many to list.

Q: What just drives you crazy?
A: Too many to list.

Q: Is there one thing that makes you totally uncomfortable?
A: Answering interview questions.

Q: Did you ever get into trouble in school?
A: Doodling on my test papers and changing the subject....Hey, isn't this a cool toaster?

Q: What sounds good for lunch today?
A: Ummm...How about some Milk Duds?

Q: What is the most played song on your iTunes?
A: Lets see...it's a tie between "All of Me" by Michael Bublé and "Sarah Smile" by Hall & Oates

Q: If you could invent an Olympic Sport in which you would for sure win the gold, what would it be?
A: Eating peanuts.

Q: What is the greatest invention ever?
A: The "mute" button.